The Purple House cooperative is a turn of the century Victorian in the lower Haight district of San Francisco.

A former collective known as the Morehouse, it is now home to ten members who jointly own and manage the property as a community cooperative.

The Purple House is a colorful carousel of individuals working in theater, photography, education, public health, motorcycle repair, music, and filmmaking. Each member contributes to the maintenance of our home and decision making is done through group discussion about all aspects of the house’s functions. Members also participate in committees under the San Francisco Community Land Trust.

Our members range in age from early 30s to a senior citizen, gay and straight, from Argentina, Australia, France and the US.

Purple House is an island of sanctuary in our sanctuary city and offers a stable base for our extended family to pursue their dreams based on convictions and passion —a lifestyle that is fast dwindling in a City known for a rainbow of experimentation, culture, and alternative thinking.

The contribution of artists, educators, and activists weaves colors of diversity, talent, and ideas into the tapestry of a City made up of threads of imperfect beauty.

For more information please visit the SFCLT website: http://sfclt.org/